Chris, a young baker's apprentice, is fired by his boss for repeated lateness. Meanwhile, Liv, a young Swedish woman, moves into his apartment. But it turns out that Chris is housed by his boss who wants to evict him. As a protest measure, he decides to reinforce the occupation. Liv and Chris are soon joined by Rosette, a saleswoman in the bakery.

Everything in this film seduces, everything deserves a compliment. A muffled, delicate direction, which captures fleeting moments, as if by chance, moments of life, the intimacy of four young people locked in a cramped room. Wild" dialogues invented in the film of the scenes, mumbled, stammered, tasty because true.  Le Monde

A real oxygen balloon. A pick-me-up. It gives you back the heart in the stomach.... Le Nouvel Observateur

Restored in 4K



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