1944. In order to protect his wife and child from the horrors of war, a doctor settles them in the country. On a visit to see them, he notices some S.S killers. He hides and thus witnesses the slaughter of his family as pictures of a happy past flash in his mind. He makes a decision : armaed with an old hunting rifle, he will exterminate the butchers methodically, one by one.

Restored in 4K 
The  masterpiece of French cinema -

5 Cesar Awards (1976-1985)

The Old Gun is definitely not a film about war. It is a film that talks about hapiness, hapiness that has been lost. (..) Because, in the end, devastated happiness haunts the screen in unforgettable, moving scenes that leave viewers aching with compassion (…) We expect the best from these actors. They live up to our expectations….and more. “ LA CROIX

The force of Robert Enrico’s film lies in the simplicity and brutality with which the story is told. LE MONDE



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